WWRC Receiver Pack, LiFe-Po4, 1600mAh, 20C

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WWRC Receiver Pack, LiFe-Po4, 1600mAh, 20C

These battery packs require a charger with an A-123 or LIFE-PO4 charger program. It is highly recommended that they be balanced charged each time to keep the cells in aligned power and aid in the longevity of the battery pack. Expected cycle life is 1000 cycles when the battery is properly cared for.

The cells are rated a 5c charge but the associate 22ga multi strand wires are not.  

It is for this reason that WrongWay Rc recommends a 1c charge rate for durability of the associated wiring.

These cells are rated at 32 amp continuous discharge / 64amp burst. Please remember that you will not be able to utilize these ratings due to the JR power plug and 22ga wiring. So what does it mean? For your 20cc and smaller size aircraft you will not be working the pack very hard and can look forward to reliable current for the application. Also, a battery that is not working hard will have better longevity.

Power lead wire 22ga multi strand silicone

length 3 inches

JST-XH 3 wire balance lead length 1 inch in 22ga.

Battery pack weight  3.1 oz (88g)

Nominal Voltage 6.6v

Usable mAh for Receiver is  1500 to 1600mah average

Pack dimensions   (L) 3.5 inch x (W) 1.625 inch x (Thickness) 1/2 inch


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