WWRC Receiver Pack, A123 Nano Phosphate, 2S-2P, 5000 mAh

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WWRC Receiver Pack, A123 Nano Phosphate, 2S-2P, 5000 mAh

Configuration is four ANR26650m1B cells in a 2S2P configuration.

These battery packs require a charger with an A-123 or LIFE-PO4 charger program. Balance charging is recommended.

Nominal Voltage 6.6v

Pack dimensions   2.75' x 2.25" x 2.25"

Pack Weight (typical) 11.9 oz (340g)

Internal Resistence (typical) 3 milliohms

The manufacture has indicated a minimum charge cycle of at least 2000 cycles. WrongWayRc recommends that they be charged at less than 6 amps when charging through the trunk line or less than 3 amps when charging through the balance tap only.

Please choose your battery setup from the drop down menu.

Standard length of power wires for the 5000's

  • 16ga multi strand silicone wire w/ Genuine Deans Ultra or EC3 connector 9 inches

Standard balance tap options

  • 20 ga multi strand silicone wirew/ 3 pin mini deans balance tap 4 inches,
  • or 22ga JST-XH balance tap, 4 inches
  • Or Cellpro 4 Balance tap 7 inches.

Your cells are built when your order comes in, tested and shipped ready to fly. Please expect up to a two business day lead time for your battery order to be on its way.

WWRC can custom make any other wiring seutp by contacting us.

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