WWRC Field Pack, A123, 4S-1P, 2500mAh

  • Brand: WWRC
  • Product Code: Battery_A123_2500_4S1P
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WWRC Field Pack, A123, 4S-1P, 2500mAh

A123-4S1P - 2500 battery configuration.

Typical weight  of the battery is 348g (12.3 oz) and may vary depending on wiring configuration.

These packs are full at 14.4v but quickly comes down to 13.2v for your 12v application.  

The A123-2500mah configuration is rated at 120 amps burst and 70 amps coninuous to run your starter. Delivery power is dependent on your wiring. In practical applications this will spin up to a 30cc engine with a capable 12 starter.

This is also a good choice to run your 12v fuel station or your charger.

Select your power lead and balance tap using the option lists.

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