Charger Lead - 3 pin Fuse Port Plug to JST 3-pin plug, 18"

  • Brand: WWRC
  • Product Code: ChargeLead-MD-JST3-18
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  • $10.99

Fuse-mount Charge Lead - 3 pin Fuse Port Plug to JST 3-pin plug, 18"

This unit is the power lead to interface your charger to the 3 pin balance tap extender fuselage port.

The length of this power cord is 18 inches.  The adapter can be left on the battery balance lead or just put in your charger box to use when charging one of our batteries with a 3 pin mini connector.

22 ga wire.

Connection at your charger balance port is JST-XH 3 pin male plug.

Limit current though this line to 2-3 amps max.

Interesting fact:  The 3 pin mini deans plugs installed on our batteries are soldered with either 22 or 20 ga wire.

Those plugs are capable of 10 amps current....So what is on the battery will last longer than other attachments. 

With this little adapter, you can still interface your charger and should you wear out the JST plug, it will not be on your battery in this case.

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