DA 35-60 Stainless Steel Weighted Thrust washer

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Made in USA with 414 Stainless Steel this prop washer weighs 30gm and will accommodate a DA-35, DA-50, DLE-55, DA60, GP-61 and other engines with similar prop bolt pattern.

This weighted washer is added to your regular prop washer to help with airplane balance. You can use more than one as long as you insure that your prop bolts are long enough to accommodate the extra need for prop bolt length.

Did you ever get your 35-50cc done and it is just slightly tail heavy? You put weigh on the firewall, but what if you could put it all the way forward where less weight has more balancing moment?

These WWRC heavy washers are stainless and go on after your 50cc prop washer. Just have to make sure you have good enough prop bolt(s) penetration to accommodate the extra 1/8 inch of thickness. At 30gm they are just over an ounce. I had them made with dimples on them so if the customer wants to remove small weight they can use drill the dimples out with an 11/64 (4mm) drill bit they will remove 1/4 oz weight and still have structural integrity.

But wait... there is more. I had the 4 bolt holes slightly ob-longed (to the tune of a couple of thousands) so the washer will also fit a DA-35 4 bolt pattern.




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