DLE-20 Profile Style Muffler -(NEW) Short stack

  • Brand: WWRC
  • Product Code: MUFFLER-DLE20-PROFILE -Short Stack (NEW)
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  • $31.99

 DLE-20 Profile Style Muffler-Short Stack

The stock muffler on a profile plane setup points the exhaust so that the engine residue is directed on to the wing. This re-orients the exhaust straight down and away from the plane when mounted on a profile plane with beam mount.

This item is identical to the original WWRC profile muffler with the down tube slightly larger in diameter (1.58mm) and slightly shorter (1/4 inch) over the WWRC original profile muffler.

Profile muffler weight (68gm/2.39oz) is less than 1/2 oz more than factory muffler.

The exhaust down tube length is 2.75 inch- tube with an ID of 25/32 inch (19.84mm)

Bolt spacing center to center = 32.21mm/1.268"

When installed it is likely that the engine will need to be re-tuned. With the bigger exhaust chamber the engine sound is changed. Some performance gain may be noticed with many customers reporting 175 to 200 rpm increase over the stock muffler. (your results may vary)

The photo on this page with two mufflers shows comparison of the original WWRC DLE-20 muffler to the new short stack muffler.


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