WWRC Throttle control kit #3

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Have you ever tried to finish up a new airplane and were looking for a simple, secure way to hook up the throttle?

WWRC Throttle control kit #3 contains;

1 -6 inch piece of carbon rod- 3/16 inch diameter

2- Dubro Ball link with 4-40x5/8 socket head bolt and fiber lock nut

2- WWRC Stainless capture end - 3/16 capture (for carbon) and 4-40 thread.

Simply mount your servo, hook up both quick links to throttle and servo with stainless capture ends threaded. Turn on radio, locate your servo arm where you want it and measure the carbon rod length to the capture ends.

Carbon rod is most easily cut with a dremel cutoff wheel (wear face mask-safety goggles)

Prepare the stainless ends by cleaning up the capture end with alchohol, sand ends of carbo rod where they insert in the stainless end and use JB weld, Bob Smith IC2000 or 30 minute epoxy. Twist and insert so that you have your adhesive evenly distributed inside the capture end and place a rubber band between the two ends to hold the capture ends on the carbon rod until the glue is cured.

The above method makes for an easy and sure throttle hookup every time. If you need a carbon rod longer than 6" it can be purchased separately in our Hardware section on this site.

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