WWRC Prop Shaft Removal Tool 35cc to 170cc (NEW)

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  • Product Code: WWRC Prop Shaft Removal Tool 35cc to 170cc
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WrongWayRc.com has designed this tool to facilitate the removal of a prop shaft on most gas powered engines with a thread on prop shaft.

Note, this tool may not work on a DLE-30 as the recess hole in its prop hub requires a special socket wrench to tighten/loosen.

One side of the wrench will accept 4mm and 5mm bolts for your typical 4 bolt prop setup IE; DA-35, DA-50, DA-60, DA-70 and most other brand engines with the same bolt pattern.

The other side of the wrench is designed to accept a 6mm bolt with pattern for DA-85, DA-100, DA-150, DA-170 and similar engines with the same bolt pattern.

Check with engine manufacturer for torque specs when replacing a prop shaft.

Secondarily this tool has been created to enable easy prop shaft for our Single Bolt prop adapters. With the exception of the DLE-30 (as mentioned above) and the GP-61 which has an odd size crankshaft thread the WWRC single bolt prop adapters are an excellent option for not having to drill each new prop that you install on 35-60cc engines.

Photos show tool installed and socket wrench placed for removal or replacement of the prop shaft.

Include with this tool is two each, 4mm, 5mm and 6mm socket head bolts that are short enough to thread your tool to the prop hub for a firm grip.

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