Voltage Reducer, Inline, A123 to 5.3v

  • Brand: WWRC
  • Product Code: WWRC-VoltReducer-A123
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  • $7.99

Voltage Reducer, Inline, A123 to 5.3v

Using Diodes this unit will transform the 7.2v of a fully charged A123 to approximately 5.3v (under load) at the ignition unit.

When the A123's voltage is in the last 25% of its capacity the ignition unit will see approximately 4.8v. Rcexl ignitions are warrantied for use with power supply that is under 6.00000v.

This unit safely reduces your A123 power for your single or twin spark Rcexl ignition unit. When installing this unit, be sure to support the wire against vibration.

Do not bend the shrink wrapped area where the diodes are installed.

Comes with two universal servo safety clips.

This voltage reducer for A123 battery is denoted by the black shrink wrap. The voltage reducer for the  2 cell Lipo/Liion battery is denoted by the red shrink wrap.


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