Rcexl Ignition Replacement Hall Sensor Kit Universal V2

  • Brand: Rcexl
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Rcexl Ignition Replacement Hall Sensor Kit (includes sensor and bracket)

These are replacement ignition units for those engine that use Rcexl as original equipment.  This option comes with san adjustable reach mount for use with single or twin ignition. Just use the wedge to lock the hall sensor into the bracket. Use a tiny drop of thin CA on the wedge to keep it from coming out. Also, note, a hall sensor will only work with correct orientiation to the magnet so it is best to check the orientation before gluing in the wedge.

To check hall effect sensor orientation, pull spark plug from the engine and place it in the ignition cap. Power up the ignition and rub the end of the hall sensor over your engine magnet. If the spark plug does not spark, flip the hall sensor 180 degrees and check again. Once the ignition sparks you will know the correct orientation to mount in in the plastic bracket.

The Rcexl ignition runs best at 28 degrees before top dead center timing.

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