V2 Rcexl Universal Hall Sensor Tester/Timing Kit

  • Brand: Rcexl
  • Product Code: IGN-RCEXL-HALLTEST
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  • $16.99

Rcexl Hall Sensor Tester/Timing Kit

Hall Effect Sensor Tester plugs into the hall sensor to test its function.  Also provided is an aluminum degree wheel to check ignition timing at the hub.

This new unit is powered with your 4.8-6.6v battery source though your JR/Hitec/Futaba plug.

It is designed to read the hall sensor for for single or twin cylinder ignitins and has a 4 pin connector which is used on multi cylinder 2 or 4 stroke engines, uneven twins, inline "V" and radial engines.

It has a red light and buzzer when the North pole magnet triggers the sensor. Also included is a green led light which indicates when the South pole magnet triggers the sensor.

The timing wheel is now aluminum. You will need an index pointer to attach to your engine to accurate determine the degrees before or after top dead center when using the device for timing your engine.

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