WWRC/A-123 Receiver Pack- 2500 Premium Wiring

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WWRC Receiver Pack, A123 Nano Phosphate, 2S-1P, 2500 mAh

These battery packs require a charger with an A-123 or LIFE-PO4 charger program. Balance charging is recommended.

Battery pack weight varies depending on wiring; about 5.7oz (162g) to 5.9oz (168g) Results will vairy slightly by wiring configuration

Nominal Voltage 6.6v

Pack dimensions   2.75' x 2.25" x 1.125"

The manufacture has indicated a normal charge cycle life of at least 2000 cycles. WrongWayRc recommends that they be charged at 2.5 amps or less per mfg recommendation for normal charge.

Please choose your battery setup from the drop down menus.

Standard length of power wires for the 2500's with premium wiring

  • 16ga multi strand silicone main trunk line wire w/ Genuine Deans Ultra (note that these are not the inferior Deans Style that may be offered elsewhere) or EC3 connector 8.5 inches (also available Multiplex plug)
  • 20ga multi strand silicone wire w/Universal JR power connector connector 6 inches
  • 22 ga /3 pin mini Deans balance tap or 22 ga JR balance 4 inches, or 22ga JST-XH balance tap 3.5 inch.

Your cells are built when your order comes in, tested and shipped ready to fly. We can typically ship your order by the next business day or will email you with expected ship date on larger orders.

Please note that we do not use solder tabs to wire these cells. Our experience is that they have a small chance of failing in the high vibration environment of gas powered airplanes. For this reason, we have developed a proprietary technique in which we join the wiring directly to the cell. We get a good flow of solder but yet can put the cell in our hand in just 3 seconds after joining. The results? A permanent 100% joining of the wire with no negative results to the cell. We have made thousands of cells like this for more than 8 years and the results are exemplary. All WWRC packs are assembled in Ormond Beach Florida from factory new cells, bottom balanced, top balanced, cycled and tested for capacity and IR. What you get when you purchase one of our packs is piece of mind that they did not sit on a shelf after being generated overseas with inferior solder tabs and Deans knock off plugs. .

WWRC can custom make other wiring seutp by contacting us.


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